47 Stunning Home Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling can be part of home that also should be well decorated because it can give your home certain beauty. It may need special budget but if you can cover the budget then it will be really worthy to give your home an extra decoration. It can work really well especially at night when you turn on the lamps that can spotted your ceiling.

The way to decorate your ceiling can be done in two basic ways those are by giving the pattern on it or by giving certain texture to form the shape that you want. In giving the pattern, you can do it by painting the ceiling that will be a little bit difficult and need more budget if you want to create the complicated design. However, if your ceiling is flat and you want to do in an affordable price, you can do it by using wall sticker.

The interesting part of ceiling is that you can design it to create the look as if it is the real sky in the afternoon or the night sky with stars and moon which is really romantic and pretty. You can even make it to look like a real ocean with coral and sea animals around. Those things are really awesome and peaceful especially when you have kids in your home so that they can fell the sense of nature at home.

The other thing that you can do with your ceiling is by installing the proper lighting. You can use the lighting with special and unique designs to make your ceiling decoration prettier. When you have classic or luxurious design for your ceiling, you can install more glamorous lighting to make it looks more impressive and expensive.

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