48 Living Room Design Ideas For Spring

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Welcoming spring as a fancy and enjoyable season does not mean you should go outside or hang out. You can get together with all members of your family in the living room. In this room, you can get relax, watch movie, listen to the music, do chatting, or just accompany your children to play.

As you can spend more time in the living room, you can bring the nuance of spring inside. Fresh and soft color scheme, natural touches, flowery wallpaper, and airy clean room are just enough to make a cozy living room. To give you more inspiring living rooms that bring spring theme, please do check out the following pictures and description.

As we discussed before, pastel colors, floral accents, and fresh patterns come into their turn. They surely make your living room more attractive and inviting. Give a space for large windows and open them in the morning to get fresher air and beautiful view. Pick pastel or neutral color for your sofa since it is the focal point which is crucial for the living room. White sofa with colorful and patterned cushions can be one of the options. If you want to have a bright-colored sofa, it is such a good idea, but pay attention for mix and match the colors so that it looks balanced to combine with other elements.

In addition, choose the best coffee table whether it is made of wood or steel that can accommodate your need when you are having tea or snacking with all family members. Provide a rug and floor pillow for a comfortable movie night-time. For some designers, they may think to upgrade the wall paint into brighter soft color like mint, peach, pink, or yellow. But, if you are the one who are into wallpapers, let spring flowery wallpaper comes into your living room. Another idea to decorate your wall is by displaying art works or photos that can live up your living room look. The most essential part of all is bring natural touch inside, like some houseplants or potted plants as the decorative items that represent the nuance of spring. Put some flowers in a vase with fragrance to make a perfect living room in spring. So, get ready to transform your living room into a seasonal spring time!

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