47 The Best Stairs Ideas To Interior Design Your Home

Are you planning to renovate your house? Maybe you will deal with your bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, or family room. But, there is an important element of your house that should be decorated well to make your house looks interesting, it is the staircase.

The staircase plays a significant role for your house though you do not spend much time there. Some people think that the staircase is the focal point of your house to make the guest gets simply inviting. So, you may make it more impressive with a great design.

It does not matter what your house theme is, whether it is rustic, modern, or traditional, try to revamp your step on a well designed staircase. In addition, you can add the decoration like paintings, family photos, or other adornments o transform your staircase. It is not a new secret that the free available space under the stair can be used for a small room or storages. As a businessman, you surely often bring your work at home. The space under the stair will be suitable for your home office that gives you a simple yet comfortable space.

Another idea of turning up the space under the stair is by making it as storages. You may have a cabinets with drawers to save your shoes, bags, or tools so that they are placed in a right and clean way. For those who like reading, make this space for a small library completed with a table and a chair. Moreover, to make a statement, apply wallpaper to change a simple wall into a wow one. The wall beside your staircase is one of the best place as a display or put some accents. On the other hands, wooden staircase offers you warm and fabulous look that will make a stunning look and natural feel. Check the pictures in the gallery and find the one who fits to yours. Enjoy!

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