41 Creative and Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Space for Spring

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Spring is the season which is full of joy, happiness, and lovely senses. It brings the power of reboot, refresh, and reenergize. We will see the birds sing, the flower get bloom, the nature asks us to get up and enjoy the beautiful moment. Spring will inspire you in freshening up your home especially the decoration. So, change your decoration into seasonal theme will surely makes it interesting.

Bringing the soul of spring to your house is exciting since it represents new look and style in a new design. If you are thinking about how to make it, here we provide some examples of how spring freshens up your house and how to make it true.

First of all, you can feel the fresh air breezes by opening all the windows. It is the effective way to turn off the heat. Just opening your windows for about an hour to feel the fresh air coming in to your house. The second one is simply put a vase of fragrant flowers in the living room, bedroom, or any other room which can bring the nuance of beautiful spring. Clean out the floor and let the nuance of winter left behind. Go clean the shelves, countertop, cabinets, and tables for more sleek look.

For more fancy decoration, repaint your front door with a new color like orange, blue, or red. So, what color do you want to have? Go back to your interior design. Just decorate your wall with eye-catching wall arts, wallpaper, or you are free to display your family photos in the living room. One of the simplest ways to bring colorful spring is buy a new color of throw pillows. Choose bright colors and patterns, but be brave to combine it with bold colors. The next idea is about furniture, it does not matter to buy secondhand furniture. Repaint them with soft bright paint color to look vintage and create a new impression. Well, for more inspirations, check out the gallery. Have a nice spring!

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