45 all-white room decor ideas that you can try in summer this year

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As summer comes, it usually affects to your way to decorate your house. This seasonal decoration such as furnishing or ornaments help to create ambiance of cheerful and fancy summer for all family members. If you are still confused on what to decor your house, this article provides some examples of the ideas.

Summer tends to be bright and fun. This concept can be transformed into your house decoration. The decoration in all-white is one of the options to your summer. It gives natural and brighter nuance for your room. Check the following pictures to get more inspiration.

Begin with the wall, paint the wall with all white sometimes makes it get bored if you just let it plain. But, it surely creates the image of clean and sleek for any room you apply it. No matter what your house style is, boho, minimalist, modern, or other styles, white fit to the design well. In Boho farmhouse living room style, white is always timeless. Feel the expanive living room that feels even larger. A white sofa with a white fur rug and cushions will always be your favorite spot to gather with family.

Applying for your bedroom, white gets so mesmerizing to your bed. White sheet and a white knitted throw blanket brings their elegance for your private room. This comfortable feeling makes you are happy to stay longer in the bedroom. Furthermore, decorate yiur dining room with all white sounds to be a good idea. Consider wood, rattan, seagrass or other natural elements for your white chairs and dining table. Some minimalist dining room adopt this idea for a simple yet modern look. White look even can be luxurious for your bathroom. Get your spa corner with white bath tub if you want to have tons of natural light. To make it fresher, put a plant to your bathroom. At last, you may be possible to mix and combine white with wooden furniture, gold, or grey elements. So, just bring white for your summer.

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