45 Wonderful bedroom design ideas for your apartment

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Some people in a big city decide to live in an apartment. They think it is better to do that since it seems to be simpler rather than build a house. Nowadays, you can freely choose the quite small to the larger apartment based on your budget.

Living in a big city sometimes force us to choose the simpler things and faster service. As we are too busy handle many jobs at office, an apartment must have a cozy bedroom to relax and do rest. It can help us enjoying the time to sleep well and spend more time in the bedroom. Knowing how important a cozy bedroom in the apartment is, the followings are some examples of bedroom ideas in apartment.


There are some ways of decorating a bedroom in the apartment. Some of them is as tricky ways to make it has larger impression. As some bedroom in the apartment is quite small, some people get around it with applying soft or brighter colors for some elements as the focal points, like white sheets and white throw blanket. It is a safe way to make your bedroom has a bit larger impression. This idea is also believed as the tricky solution that matches with all your furnishing.

In addition, you can apply a rug to make a warm and cozy bedroom. It is possible for you to have a canopy for your bed as well. Make it higher to make spacious look. Well, for a bedroom in the apartment, you cannot ignore lighting aspect. To make a statement, you ay install a nice pendant light over your bed. It also helps to sharpen how luxurious your bedroom it is. Moreover, some think that removing the headboard can simply make your bedroom more spacious. To make it more interesting, give color hint for your accent wall with bold color, like navy, green, pink, or yellow. For a comfortable and airy bedroom, give a space for a larger glassy window so that you can see the beautiful view outside. Have a fun apartment bedroom decorating,then!

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