5 Must-have Items for Fall Farmhouse Decorations

A farmhouse-style interior uses a lot of exposed wood, coloured metal, vintage look, fabric, and comfortable seating spots. A farmhouse fall decorations add more autumnal elements, like warm colours and dry leaves, acorns, or fruit elements. Adopting the concept of fall and farmhouse will make your home more welcoming.


Here are five items you must have to create a farmhouse fall décor.


1. Wooden Table and Benches


Communal mealtime is an important part of old farming life, so many farmhouses have long wooden tables with benches. You can adapt this style to give your foods more place during a holiday lunch or dinner.

A long wooden table and bench in the dining room are the one example of fall farmhouse decoration. That made from solid mahogany wood as main material will make it durable and look classic. Including comfortable soft chairs with sturdy legs and backrest that supports for more comfortable sitting. Good idea for you to gather with family in the fall.

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Wooden table and benches made of natural teak wood with natural color paint are suitable for a rustic style. It look warm and comfortable to gather with your family while eating in the fall.

This wooden table and bench are perfect furniture for fall farmhouse decoration. Placing straws at the corner makes the room feel like in real farmhouse. Installing a large carpet underneath will make warm and calm impression when eating and gathering with family in the fall.

Amazing wooden table and benches with a combination of wood colors and very solid flooring are perfect for gathering with a large family in fall. A warm and cozy atmosphere are created with these furniture. It is very suitable to create fall farmhouse decor.

A warm and comfortable nuances seen in a farmhouse-style room with table and benches that made from natural teak wood. These furniture are suitable to add a warm atmosphere when with the family to sit and eat together.

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2. Wicker Sofas with Some Fabrics


A comfortable wicker sofas with  fabric on the sofa makes a warm and comfortable feel in this room. This is a good idea for you to gather with your family in the fall with farmhouse decoration.

Wicker sofas with soft fabrics on the couch make a warm atmosphere in the room with a farmhouse style. This wicker sofas can be installed on the porch or in the living room. With a natural color these chairs make the room more convenient.

Rattan sofas with soft fabrics created a warm feel in this living room. Placing a wooden beam table and green plant in each corner of the room will complete a fall farmhouse decor.

A beautiful wicker sofa with soft fabric makes warm shades created in the porch. This wicker sofa can also be placed in outdoors or indoors. This a good choices for fall farmhouse decor, because of the dominant warm nuances on wicker sofas and a soft cloth.

Black wicker sofa with soft fabric plus a beautiful floral motif pillow are a good choices to make a comfortable and warm feel in this room with fall farmhouse decoration.

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3. Ornaments from Dried Plants


Acorns, dry leaves, and naked dry branches instantly bring the word “fall” into your mind. Add a fall atmosphere in a farmhouse design by adding ornaments with these elements. They can be a vase arrangement, decorative lamp, house wall sigh, or decorative basket.

To decorate your door you can use a wreath from burlap and completed with some fall ornament. This decoration is suitable for those of you who want decorate your home in fall farmhouse decoration.

A beautiful basket made of brown bamboo and filled with dried leaves ornaments are best decoration for fall farmhouse decoration. Placing it on the table, so this will be a good centerpiece decoration on the dining table.


This fruit basket from rattan woven is combined with elegant dried leaves plus good lighting are a good idea for you to beautify your room in the fall.

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A charming basket made of rattan with flower arrangement blends very well to add to your home decoration in autumn.

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A brown basket with bamboo that has strong agricultural nuance is suitable as place for flower arrangement to create fall farmhouse decoration.

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4. Metal Baskets for Spice Racks (or Anything)


Metal baskets store various kitchen products securely, saving the cabinet spaces. Install small metal baskets to place your spices (or any ingredients). Wire racks combine practicality, strength, and security, typical principles you could expect from actual farmhouse owners.

A bookshelf that made from metal is a great choice for fall farmhouse decoration. A metal rack is typical of farmhouse decoration. Beside strong, this rack will make the room more elegant.

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A charming fruit baskets with metallic black color are suitable to complete your farmhouse decoration.

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The spice basket rack attached to the wall in pastel white color with vertical shelves are very charming. It will save space and appropriate to complete farmhouse decoration.

The minimalist spice basket rack attached to the wall will save space in your kitchen. This material that is easy to find and easy to make are very good for you to decorate in farmhouse style.

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A minimalist mosquito rack baskets with metal material is able to accommodate a lot of seasoning. In addition to save space this metal rack is a typical for farmhouse decoration.

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5. Metal Bed Frames


Metal bed frames always scream “vintage”, especially if your room has a lot of exposed wood. The metal frames are unique, strong, and elegant. You can soften the look by adding a lot of pillows, bed covers, and soft blankets. The warmth is perfect for protecting you against the cold of the fall.


These are not the only items you must have to get the look. However, they are enough to start turning your house with farmhouse fall decoration and furniture.

An elegant bed using metal material is appropriate to decorate in farmhouse theme. To prepare the fall you can complete it with comfort blanket and bed linen.

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Metal bed frame is furniture that identical for farmhouse style. This furniture is look simple but still full of comfort and tranquility. It is a good idea for you to make your room decor warmer for the coming fall.

To bring farmhouse style into your bedroom you can use metal bed frame to make it happen. This material is very strong, sturdy and durable. And also this bed can enhance your bedroom become more elegant.

A very charming bed with a metal bed that makes an elegant feel in the room is created. With wooden walls and a collection of hats make the feel of agriculture created. It is a good idea to decorate your room in farmhouse style.

A bed that made of metal with beautiful curtains around the room makes this room feel comfort and elegant. Placing a soft mattress on the bed adds to the warm and comfortable feel of resting in the fall.

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