25 How to Make Easy Fall Décor with Leaves

The falling leaves that you see during fall are great materials for easy decorations. Dry, yellow (or sometimes red) leaves are perfect for DIY fall décor projects. You can place them around the interior to make sure your house gets the fall upgrade. Here are several easy projects you can tackle easily.


1. White Painted Pumpkins with Leaves


This simple DIY ornament puts a twist on regular pumpkin decorations. Collect dead leaves from various sizes and colours. Spray the pumpkin with matte white. Wait until the pumpkin is dry before you apply each leaf using glue. Layer the leaves with water-repellent coat (Modge Podge) and let dry.

A pumpkin painted in white color with black leaves decoration are very beautiful as a dining table decoration. It can create a warm feel and a good decoration for the coming fall.

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A pumpkin painted in white with a combination of gold dried leaves that attach on it adds to the beautiful atmosphere of room decoration.

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An elegant decoration by utilizing pumpkin and dried leaves for welcoming the fall. Just paint the pumpkin with white color and attach some dried leaves on it to create an extraordinary decoration. A combination of these colors can create a contrast and elegant impression to your home decoration.

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White painted pumpkin is very charming with dried leaves are attached to the pumpkin. An interesting combination with white pumpkin plus dried leaves. A warm and elegant nuances are comfortable to look at.

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Pumpkins in white paint with dried leaves decoration are very beautiful as the decoration of your home for welcoming the fall.

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2. Fairy Light Strings with Leaves


Leaf-decorated fairy lights will make your house look more magical. Collect dead leaves you like and preserve them by placing each leaf between wax paper sheets and iron them. Make sure the leaves are coated with the waxy substance. Use glue to attach the leaves to the strings.

Creating your beautiful room decor is not complicated to make it. Light String with simple leaves can be an option to make it happen. This light will give effects to the warm shades and a good idea for you to decorate the room of your house to provide warm and romantic atmosphere.

Using leaves to create string lamps are a good idea to liven up your home decoration with fall theme. This idea will make a warm feel but still elegant. A good ideas for you to make it and make the room more beautiful.

An attractive wall decoration by utilizing the fall leaves that are arranged neatly to be useful thing such as string lamps are a good idea to be adopted. This decorative lighting can create a beautiful shades and blends well in the room.

A Fairy Light Strings with fall leaves that blends well in the room can create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Simple yet elegant with the effect of the light that are given to the leaves make it very beautiful.

Simple string lamps that you can make by yourself is just by taking advantages of dried leaves. Pick some dried leaves and then arranged neatly to the wire. Attach with the glue and you have done. You can place this lamp on the wooden ladder to get classic look. This string lamp is suitable to create a warm and romantic nuance into your room.

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An Amazing dry leaves decoration that used to make a string lamp are a great idea for your home decoration. Arranged neatly on the wire and attach with the glue. You can place the string lamps on your window to get a romantic nuance.

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3. Mason Jar Candle Holder with Leaves


Putting a candle inside your mason jar is a simple but creative decoration idea. If you want to incorporate fall season, make sure to preserve the leaves by ironing them from behind two layers of wax paper. Clean the mason jars and let them die before being unused. Use decoupage like Modge Podge to stick each leaf into the inside of the mason jar until the jar is full of leaves.

A Mason Jar Candle Holder with beautiful leaves inside are the best choice for fall decoration using fall leaves. Make a romantic and warm atmosphere created very well for you to decorate your room at night.

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A candle holder made of glass jars and decorated with dry leaves are very beautiful for welcoming fall decoration. Beside that it can creates a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

A Mason Jar Candle Holder with Leaves are creative idea for fall decoration by using fall leaves. This is very simple decoration but can enhance your whole home decoration at the same time.

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The mason jar candle holder with dried leaves decoration blends well to create a warm and romantic nuance in your home. This idea is very smart for welcoming fall season by using dried leaves to decorate your home with fall theme.

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A candle holder that made of glass jars and added with dry leaves as complement are a creative idea for fall decoration. Its not too complicated to make but the function that is given is very meaningful to create a warm and romantic nuances that arise.

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4. Dry Leaves Artwork


Release your inner artsy soul by using dry leaves to create a simple artwork. Find a large board and create the outline of any shape you like. Preserve your leaves by ironing them under the wax paper sheets. Use Modge Podge to stick the leaves to the board, following the outlines. You can trim the leaves while sticking the leaves until they create a shape.


Fall gives you a lot of natural handcraft materials. These DIY fall décor ideas are easy, practical, and only need a few materials.

Utilizing deciduous dried leaves can be a good idea for making decoration in your home. You can use these leaves to make an artwork and you can attached to the wall. This dry leaves art work are very interesting can enhance your home decoration.

Using dried leaves to create an artwork are a creative idea to be adopted. Its very simple just using dried leaves with different size and you can create for different shape too. Like this picture above you can create an owl and chickens. This is a good ideas for you to make beautiful your room.

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To welcome fall you can decorate your home by using dried leaves. You can use these leaves to create an artwork with cute shape. You can place this art on your wall to complete fall decoration in your home

taking advantages dried leaves for fall decoration are suitable to be adopted. You can use these leaves to make some artwork. You can draw the leaves with several animal characters to make your home decoration more fun and cheerful.

A creative ideas by using dried leaves are very suitable for fall decoration. You can use to make an artwork to complete your fall decoration in your home.

An artwork by using dried leaves are very good idea. This simple but has high artistic value to enhance your home decoration. You can paint the leaves with the color that identical with fall to get fall nuance in your home.

Another way to decorate your home with fall decoration is use dried leaves. You can use these leaves to create an artwork according to your creativity. Like the picture above that form in human face.

This beautiful dried leaf art is in the shape of a butterfly. With added wood as a sweetener. A good idea is to make your room decoration for the coming fall.

A beautiful dry leaf artwork by utilizing fallen leaves into a creative artwork. Simple yet very cute with attractive brown color. This is a good ideas for your autumn more fun.

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