5 Amazing Inground Pool Ideas in the Backyard

Although a bit more costly than the above-ground pool, an inground pool has more freedom in the design. Instead of building a boring, rectangular pool in the backyard, you can design it and make it a one-of-a-kind pool. Of course, you need to be a bit more creative for that, so these 5 inground pool ideas have you covered.

1. “Fish tank” infinity pool


A DIY inground pool can also be a grand-scale plan, and this is the perfect idea for that kind of pool. First, you build a massive shallow water pool with natural rocks and large plants decorating it. Then, in the middle of the large pool, you build a large fish tank-like infinity pool with transparent pool glass at the end of it.

An Inground Pool that blends in the style of a fish tank infinity pool is the best way to have different look for your swimming pool. The material used is around the walls using strong glass to hold water. The pool looks elegant and clean.

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A large inground pool with tropical nature theme is look great by adding fish tank in the middle of pool. With rectangular shape and strong glass for the walls can be the best choice to create an extraordinary swimming pool.

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A minimalist swimming pool with fish tank infinity pool in the middle of it can be your option to build a swimming pool in your backyard. Using thick glass material as a wall can give clean and fresh impression.

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A charming swimming pool with fish tank in the middle of it is suitable to build in your large backyard. A simple design with transparent glass walls makes the pool look elegant and looked like swimming in a big aquarium.

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An inground pool in the backyard with the fish tank design in the middle of it is very creative and interesting. Surrounding with large glass wall material make the nuances looked like swim in the big aquarium. Using white gravels and natural stone walls make it more natural.

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2. Tropical inground pool



If you don’t like complicated inground pool ideas, then this might be the one for you. Build a large inground pool by using natural white stones for the edge sides and surface. Then, make several mini gardens that have tropical plants on them.

A swimming pool that blends with a cool tropical atmosphere makes a sense of fresh and cold when swimming. Using white stones for the edge of the pool make the feel of a swimming pool is so natural.

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The tropical atmosphere around this swimming pool with the presence of lush trees adds a natural fresh feel to the pool. The swimming pool is simple by adding with stone material and green plants. The good ideas for you to decorate your swimming pool so that it feels like travel to Bali Indonesia.

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A swimming pool with a beautiful tropical natural atmosphere is very united with nature. clean water from artificial waterfalls plus beautiful stone walls makes it feel like you are traveling to Indonesia which is known as a tropical country. This is a good ideas for you to decorate your swimming pool with a tropical theme.

A swimming pool which is behind the yard is very stunning by showing the nuances of tropical nature. The material that used with natural stone and beautiful green trees are complement to the tropical theme. This is a good idea for you to change your swimming pool into a swimming pool with a tropical nature theme.

This large swimming pool with natural stones on the edge of the pool and the presence of greenery makes a strong tropical atmosphere that blends well with the nature. These beautiful trees and plants make the nuance of the tropical nature felt in this pool.

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3. Inground pool with waterfall



Who doesn’t love the sound and atmosphere of a waterfall? This DIY inground pool idea brings all the goodness of a waterfall straight to your backyard. For a more wholesome experience, consider planting bushes, small plants, and large trees around the waterfall.

Inground swimming pool with attractive natural stone, brown and beige color makes it feel like in the cool mountains especially added with a small waterfall that can create a calm, comfortable feel while swimming. A good ideas for you to make this beautiful Inground Swimming Pool.

An Inground pool with waterfall blends well with natural stone material to make it looked like in the cool and beautiful river. Adding some palm trees can give fresh atmosphere in the swimming pool and calm feeling when listening to the waterfall sound.

The inground pool in the backyard surrounded by green and lush trees makes a cool nuance created. The beautiful inground pool that completed by the waterfall with this beautiful placement and charming natural stones makes the feeling more comfortable when swimming with family.

An inground pool with beautiful waterfall shades like in nature was immediately created. Using natural stone for the edge of the pool can make your swimming pool feels so natural.A stunning inground pool with a flowing waterfall is very interesting idea. This beautiful curved shape is simple and elegant. The swimming pool which is behind the yard of the house is surrounded by lush trees making it cool and immediately merges with nature.


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4. Inground pool with poolside bar



This unique inground pool design has an elegant pool equipped with a poolside bar. Swim to the edge of the pool, sit down on an elegant tile seat, and have a drink inside the pool. Surely, it makes your backyard pool look and feel luxurious, akin to the pools at the expensive villas and hotels.

The inground pool design with poolside bar, not only looks amazing, but also helps you stay calm while enjoying cold drinks and delicious food. Plus a graceful green tree at the edge of the pool makes it add elegance. The material used natural stone which is located in the pool walls and natural teak wood looks together .

An inground pool with a charming rustic poolside bar with natural stone materials arranged in the pool and a straw gazebo make it  look comfortable and relaxed while swimming and while drinking and food at the poolside bar. With the curved shape and surround with green plant are very suitable to make the swimming pool looks elegant.

An inground pool with a charming bar is one of the modern-style swimming pool which is place that you can eat food and drinks at the bar or as gathering place with your  family.

A modern swimming pool that carries luxury style that shows on  inground pool with poolside bar on the edge of the pool. That created with the seat tile inside the pool, make it you easy to enjoy your foot inside the pool.

This inground pool with a luxurious poolside bar makes you feel comfortable and calm when you have a drink with wine in the poolside bar. Poolside bar with natural stone and beautiful marble materials on the edge of the pool can create impression looked like in the expansive villas or hotels.

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5. Minimalist, nightlife inground pool



Even though it’s one of the simplest inground pool ideas compared to the others, it still offers quite an experience. The inground pool and pool deck designs is minimalist with soft white tiles, but with extra lightings inside and outside the pool. While it may look ordinary during the day, it shines like a diamond at night, making your outdoor nightlife in the backyard exciting.

Remember, making a DIY inground pool means you’re ready to invest more money, effort, and creativity to it. If done correctly, your inground pool will make your house even more gorgeous with a bonus increase to the house’s overall value. Hopefully, these 5 exciting inground pool ideas can inspire you to build one of the best backyard pools in the world!

An inground pool is simple but with lighting that blends well, this swimming pool looks more elegant.

Lighting in the inground infinity pool is captivating when swimming at night, comfort and calm are shown. Direct background with nature plus warm lighting with fairy lights illuminating the pool and LED lights installed in each corner of the pool. A good ideas for you to have a simple inground infinity pool but want luxury at night.

A beautiful lighting at night in the inground pool is appropriate to make the pool look elegant and romantic. This pool is simple but with the proper decorative lighting at night it looks very luxurious.

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a minimalist swimming pool behind the yard of this house has simple shape and simple lighting. But it is enough to make the pool look beautiful, warm and romantic.

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warm atmosphere created by the inground pool with charming lighting. using LED lights mounted on the edge of the pool. a pond with a simple shape but good lighting will affect the beauty of the inground pool. a good idea for you to decorate your inground pool with good lighting.

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