5 Great Patio Designs to Complement Your Backyard

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A patio can unleash a plethora of exciting outdoor activities like grilling, enjoying your garden, or having leisure time. With enough creativity, time, and effort when building it, you can turn your average background into a whole new world. To help inspire your creative sense, these 5 patio designs are ready to offer you exciting references.

1. Patio in the middle of a pool



While it may sound like a tough task to integrate a patio with a backyard pool, it’s actually quite possible. Best of all, you can build a patio in the middle of the pool to make it both unique and elegant. Of course, you’d have to design the pool with the patio in mind right from the start to ease up the building process.

An elegant terrace in the middle of a swimming pool without borders. with the color of the natural stone tiles in cream color is very coherent with the color of cushions on the black sofa. swimming pool without borders that instantly blends with the environment that looks fresh.
This unique terrace is building in the middle of the pool. With the round shape of patio is so simple and minimalist but very sophisticated design.

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This beautiful atmosphere is supported by the placement of the terrace which blends in the middle of the pool. The classic terrace building in cream wall paint color plus beautiful natural stone with lighting in each corner makes a beautiful impression.

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A charming patio in the middle of inground pool and completed with small fire pit are very interesting for your backyard decoration. With the natural stone on the edge of the pool it can create a natural impression in your backyard.
This round shape patio looks luxurious with right placement in the middle of a graceful pool. Completed with the comfort seating area and install small fire pit can make your backyard looks so sophisticated.

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2. BBQ-focused patio design



Yes, many patio designs tend to have a small BBQ grill installed there. But what if you just want to build a patio with BBQ as the main theme? If so, then this one’s for you. Perfect for a social meet-up, there’s nothing more exciting than having a thorough conversation outdoors while savoring BBQ meat.

A modern design blends well with the natural atmosphere, shows on BBQ area in the patio. Decorate the patio with BBQ area is one of way to decorate your backyard. A patio with BBQ is more able to make a sense of comfort when you are partying will be more fun patio with BBQ.
Placing a patio with BBQ area and completed with natural wood materials and neatly arranged wooden sofa chairs to strengthen the nuances of BBQ are very appropriate to decorate you patio in the backyard. You don’t need to worry about looking for a party or social gathering this patio design is suitable for this.
To establish a harmonious family, one of the good ideas for you is to design your patio with a BBQ area. Build a table and install BBQ grill, so you can get party in your backyard or just gather with your family members.
Having a small backyard is possible for you to build BBQ area. Just build small table and install BBQ grill and completed with dining table next to it. This place will make you more have intimate with your family.
A patio with a rustic style is also suitable to design by installing BBQ area. You just complete your backyard patio with BBQ grill set and you can use this place to held a party or dinner with your family.

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3. Patio with fire pit



If you love outdoor culinary but prefer a deeper interaction with other people, then a patio surrounding a fire pit works best. Nightlife becomes meaningful as you light up the pit, sit down in circular with friends and/or family, and enjoy roasting foods in one go.

The patio that blends with the environment with natural brick and natural stone material looks comfortable in the backyard. Adding the fire pit in the patio will further strengthen the feel like in nature when you sit in a circle with friends.
a cheerful shades created on the patio with a charming square brick fire pit and bright color chairs. It will make more fun when you gather with family in the back patio of the house. This is one of idea to decorate your patio with a fire pit.
vast backyard blends in with nature. patio made from natural stone material and this wooden relax chair looks comfortable with a simple slick hole. a good idea for you to sit in a circle with your family on a patio with this beautiful fire pit. your night atmosphere will be more fun if you decorate your patio this fire pit.
A patio design with stone fire pit is very suitable to create nature impression that blends well with the garden landscape. Completed with soft and bright throw pillows will make the patio feels comfortable and cheerful.
A charming patio in the backyard with fire pit design. Complete with wooden chairs around the fire pit can make the patio more comfortable. Some green plants that surrounding the place can give a fresh atmosphere for gathering with your family.

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4. Patio with bench



Among other patio designs, this is arguably the cheapest and easiest design to build. Instead of using individual seats, you can make a large wooden bench to save money and space in style. And since this leaves out a lot of space, you can integrate the patio with BBQ design to it as well.

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A patio with a sweet mahogany wood bench makes a natural feel created with the dominant material wood. plus a fairy lamp that attached  on wood ceiling is suitable to create an elegant and warm patio.
A cool atmosphere on the patio with an L shaped wooden bench is suitable to complement your backyard design. Completed with lush plant can freshen up your patio.

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A simple backyard patio design with wooden bench is good idea to complement your backyard in minimalist design. To make comfortable this place you can install large rug and big umbrella. Using solid wood is the best choice for long durability of the bench.

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Decorate the patio with simple wooden bench is the right choice to complement your backyard. Completed with soft couch to cover the bench will add a convenient when you gather with your family or friends.
A charming patio decor with creative benches that merge with concrete raised garden bed are one of the idea to complement your backyard. The design is simple but have benefit as a place to gather with your family or friends.

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5. Bar within patio



There are other ways to accommodate friends and/or family in the patio other than having a BBQ party. One of them is to have a good drink with beers, wines, and cocktails, and this design offers you just that. The elegant bar within the patio not only adds social interaction, but it’s also a looker that you can be proud of for many years to come.

With lots of exciting patio designs to choose from, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your backyard the best. That being said, which one of them piques your interest?

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A patio with mini bar near the garden makes it feel comfortable when you are relaxing and hanging out with friends or families drinking wine. A good idea for you to decorate your backyard patio.
This beautiful rustic style patio with natural teak wood and natural stone are very interesting design for backyard patio.The patio with a charming mini bar is very good for a party event.
A minimalist patio design with a charming mini bar is one of idea for decorating backyard patio. This design is suitable for those of you who like to held party with your friends. You can enjoy drink of wine, beer or cocktail in the comfortable design.
Adding a patio with a bar is a good idea for you to have it. This bar on the patio looks minimalist and elegant with a good layout and green garden. This patio with a bar is perfect when you gather with family by drinking wine together.
A patio with a bar that made from teak wood material with the natural color of the wood are very very classic and natural. Moreover surrounded by the green plant and use natural stone as a floor can make the patio look fresh and natural.

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