Decorate Your Interior with These 5 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas

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Rustic décor appeals to the natural beauty of the plain, simple materials and earthy colours. Because of the minimalistic approach and tender ambience, many people seek to apply rustic design to every part of their house, including the interior wall. If you’re among them and wish to apply rustic design to your interior wall, you’d best check out these 5 stunning rustic wall décor ideas.

1DIY rustic barn corner gallery wall



In many cases, decorating the corner of your house is harder than any other parts. But with this rustic décor, you can turn the corner into one of the most artistic spots in the whole house.  

As in the picture above that uses wood and grass rings for wall decoration so that your room is more attractive.
Wall decorating ideas using second-hand items in a warehouse are perfect for you to use, such as a steering wheel, binoculars and other used items.
Using  items as wall hanging will make your home more artistic. By using decorations such as used wall clocks and other unused items for decoration will make your home more attractive.
Using items from the warehouse to make wall hangings is the right choice because the items are easy to make. Just like unused wood in a warehouse, you can use it to make attractive and funny photo frames.
Wall hangings made from warehouses that use wood and small pieces of cloth formed by chirping are perfect for you to use as decoration. With decoration like in the picture above you will be able to make it easily and make your home more attractive.

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2. Rustic faux-pallet frames for picture



Made from only 6-7 wooden strips with a rustic finish, this is arguably one of the easiest rustic wall décor ideas you can build. But once it’s completed, the faux-pallet picture frame will change the way you see your pictures.

Using some old wooden strips to make attractive photo frames is a way that you need to sample, because with these photo frames will make the rural impression in your home become stronger.
Decoration that is suitable for use in your country house is a wooden photo frame. With a wooden photo frame your home will look more attractive, this photo frame is also very easy to make.
Using several wooden strips to make a photo hanger is the right choice. With this wooden photo hanger you will be easy to make it and suitable for you to apply at home, because it will make your home more attractive.
Choosing photo frames for rustic home decoration is a smart choice. Using a wooden photo frame that is easy to make as in the picture above is perfect for you to use because it will make your rural home more beautiful.
This wooden photo frame is perfect for you to use in a country house, because it is very attractive. This photo frame is very easy to make because the ingredients use materials that are easy to find.

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3. The DIY rustic floating bookshelf



One of the all-time favourite rustic wall décor ideas, you can never go wrong with a floating bookshelf. It utilises a good function of storing your book and other small items while keeping the fashion clear and bold.

Floating bookshelves made of wood are a decorating idea suitable for rural homes. With floating bookshelves you don’t need to take up much space to make it because it’s very simple.
Wall decorating ideas suitable for your rural home are floating bookshelves that use wood. With this bookshelf your country house will look more perfect.
Using a floating bookshelf is one way that is right for you, because with this floating bookshelf you don’t need to think of a large place to put your book.
Using easily found materials to make a floating bookshelf like in the picture above is a smart way to place your book. With wood, you will easily make this floating bookshelf and will make your rural home feel stronger.
Wall decorating ideas that use floating bookshelves with wood-based materials are very bright ideas. With this floating bookshelf will make your home attractive and very useful for placing items.

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4. DIY windmill wall décor



What should you do with all the thin scrap metals from the old items? Well, you can turn it into a magnificent rustic décor like a windmill wall without even needing to polish the metals, for example. Unique, exciting, and classic—what more can you ask?

Turning scrap metal into a windmill is one smart idea and will make your room unique.
Choosing classic decorations for rustic wall decorations is a very appropriate choice. Using a thin metal to make a windmill as a wall decoration for your home will be very nice and attractive.
If you have thin used metal that is not used, you can make it a unique item in your home. Making it into a windmill for wall decoration is the right way because with this decoration your house will look attractive.
Making windmills with scrap metal is a great way to recycle your things that are not used. With windmill decoration on the walls of your room you will have a strong classic impression.
Using materials that can easily be wall decoration is very suitable for you to use in your home. Using metal materials used in this windmill will make a different impression on your room.

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5. Kraft paper roller



Aside from metals and woods, a paper with countryside-inspired design can also turn into a fine rustic décor. In this case, a large Kraft paper roller with elegant writing elements makes a wonderful wall-art scroll.

Wall decoration using kraft paper roll is very suitable for your rural home. With kraft paper rollers you can make greetings to your loved ones in your home.
Using attractive decoration for the walls of your rural house, one of which is choosing kraft paper roll as decoration is the right choice, because it will make your home more unique.
Using kraft paper rollers for wall decoration of rural homes is perfect for your use. With kraft paper rollers you can pass interesting pearls of wisdom.
For those of you who are bored using decorations made of metal and wood, you can make decorations like in the picture above. Using kraft paper roll for home decoration is a different and unique way. With this decoration you can write interesting quotes that can be your encouragement.
For those of you who like different and unique items, this paper decoration is perfect for you to use. Using kraft paper roll for wall decoration can make your home attractive with unique words.

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Your interior wall is like a blank canvas, ready to be painted with all kinds of colours and shapes. By implementing these rustic wall décor ideas to your blank canvas, you’re guaranteed very rustic, refreshing, and homey vibes to the whole room. 

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