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5 RV Makeover Tips to Inspire Your RV Remodel

Looking for a way to get your old RV to feel more comfortable and fresher? However, you do not want to do total changes that cannot be undone. Here are some easy RV makeover ideas that will encourage you to give a more personalized touch to your old home-on-wheels.

1. Get a New Window Curtain 

Start with some RV window makeover ideas! You can build a nice window treatment by removing your old curtain and placing the fresh one. Then, choose bright colors that can build a vibrant ambiance. You can also pick one that has a unique motif. However, most importantly, go with what you really like!

RV decoration by installing curtain with floral motif and colorful chevron to make the RV’s atmosphere more pleasant.

A selection of stitching curtains with polka-dot motifs and polka dot tablecloths can make the harmony in the RV decoration.

If you want to make a more chic look on your RV you can decorate your RV using a motif curtain and pair with light blue curtain to create vibrant ambiance.

The minimalist shape on the RV by pairing the curtains with pretty flower motifs, plus a few soft sofas will make a comfortable and warm impression.

The window on the RV which is fitted with colorful stripes curtain motifs will form an elegant feel. Add a seating decoration that will make it more mesmerizing.

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2. Enhance Your Floor with a Beautiful Rug

Replacing the old flooring with something new is a time-consuming and costly task. Alternatively, you can go for a temporary solution like purchasing a new, catchy rug. It will jazz up your old RV and get the focus away from your dull flooring.

A charming RV interior decoration with colorful flower rug is suitable for getting a contrasting look on the elegant wooden floor.

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A beautiful black and white striped carpet combined with some pretty sofas in the RV’s interior decoration to enhance your floor look.

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The choice of dominant wood material in the interior of RV combined with a boho pattern rug can enhance your floor look.

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A charming RV décor with a combination of colorful pattern carpets that install on the vinyl wood floors can upgrade your RV decoration.

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A modern design of RV with brown rugs combined with soft black sofas and beautiful feather pillows can create a luxurious impression.

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3. Brighten Up Your Couch

Instead of buying a new RV couch, you need to decorate it with a nice layer. First, you can try to cover it with a standard full-size sheet. Furthermore, the other options include placing a light blanket over the back of the couch or putting some decorative cushions to divert everyone’s attention from your boring seating.

An RV decoration with soft white sofa and a polka dot pillow motif to make a chic look.

A furniture selection in the RV interior decoration by pairing classic patterned sofa with a few pillows and blankets provides a breathtaking atmosphere.

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An awesome RV interior with a blend of soft white sofas and patterned pillows can give a different look and make it more warmer.

A beautiful sofa with a cream sofa cover and pastel color of pillows, it can make a cheerful impression for your RV decoration.

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A comfortable sofa with a charming cushions can make the RV interior decoration more comfortable.

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4. Change Your RV Shower Curtain

This trick is one of the easiest RV shower remodel ideas that you need to consider. Apart from that, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. Changing shower curtains is also an easy way to attach a new style to your RV bathroom. In addition, choose natural colors to build a more elegant impression!

A good idea to decorate your RV is choosing a shower curtain with natural color and floral patterns. And using a shower from unused wine barrels can make an interesting look.

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A shower curtain with a calm color and white stripes motif can creates an elegant feel.

A charming shower curtain with classic motif that match with the bathroom wall color can create an attractive RV bathroom decoration.

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An RV bathroom with rustic style with dominant wood material and unique plaid curtain motif to make a natural look.

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An RV bathroom decoration with beautiful motif on blue curtains to create a minimalist impression.

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5. Invest in the interior of the RV

Does your RV’s interior require a touch of art? Then, add some classic wooden decorations to brighten up your space. Wooden decorations can also build a strong statement for old RVs.

With these easy tips, of course, you can easily turn your boring old RV into your dream vacation.

The interior decoration on the RV is amazing with a rustic style. With some wooden touch and head animal ornament can create a warm and comfortable feel.

The simple idea for RV interior decorations in a rustic style with wooden furniture to brighten up your space.

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RV decoration ideas are charming with all-wood furniture to give an elegant impression. You will be more comfortable and certainly not boring to be in this RV.

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RV interior design neatly arranged with a minimalist and classic style. With a soft sofa and wooden cabinet can enhance your RV decoration.

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This minimalist form of RV decoration with dominant of wood material can create a great feel. RV interiors with black sofas and wooden furniture are perfect to make an elegant nuance.

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