5 Unique Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas with Minimalist Touch

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With the rising interest of minimalist kitchen designs that priorities simplicity, you’re bound to find them in many modern houses. If you love minimalist designs but don’t want to follow the same trend, mixing it with rustic design would work wonderfully. Since both offer simplicity with minimum effort, you can find several exciting rustic minimalist kitchen decor ideas that might interest you. Here are 5 of those ideas:

1. Renovated rustic minimalist kitchen

Do you have a minimalist kitchen already installed, and want to improve the styling? If you do, then applying rustic element to the kitchen can be done easily! Change the color of the cabinets to dark wood with rustic-themed kitchen tables or replace the old cabinets with the rustic ones. Since the principles of rustic and minimalist are similar, you don’t have to change the location of the furniture.

Rustic kitchen style arises from various items in this kitchen, one of them with the existence of an old wooden flower pot container on a natural wooden table.

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With wooden accents on the tables and chairs in this kitchen, combined with a variety of unique metal lamps that are outdated, adding a thicker rural element.

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Renovated rustic minimalist kitchen with woven chandelier casing and ceiling skeleton from intact wood for your kitchen decor inspiration.

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Renovated rustic minimalist kitchen with intact wood that is cross-mounted gives a unique impression in this kitchen. The black color on the marble adds a thicker rural feel.

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Renovated rustic minimalist kitchen with natural coral floor and wooden ceilings combined with wooden table set for your kitchen decor ideas.

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2. Greek Folegandros rustic minimalist kitchen

The island of Folegandros is known among the Greeks as the ultimate leisure spot thanks to the overall rustic minimalist kitchen décor ideas. Using the 1950s-inspired chairs from local flea markets and a rustic table, you can replicate the design to your room as well.

A wonderful Greek Folegandros rustic minimalist kitchen with unprocessed raw wooden cabinet paired with natural stone walls for your kitchen decor inspiration.
In the rural-style kitchen this time there is a classic chandelier and is quite large. Combined with natural patterned floors make it fit and attractive.
Rural nuance comes with a rooster shaped decoration. A few plant jars add to this rustic style kitchen.
Again, the chandelier is an important element in creating a rustic style. The brick on the unique textured ceiling and natural finishing in each corner creates an attractive rural atmosphere.
The curved design on the main kitchen door and ceiling makes it look simple and minimalist. No need for other elements, it is enough to represent the minimalist Folegandros rural style kitchen.

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3. Guest barn rustic minimalist kitchen

The classic, hearty barn design is arguably one of the finest minimalist kitchen designs out there. All the parts are decorated with rustic wooden boards, including the barn-like old hanging lamps.

The wooden elements on the pillars and dining table represent the warehouse style. Barn hanging lights are the main key in this rustic style kitchen.
An attractive barn rustic minimalist kitchen with unprocessed wooden chimney to look simple and minimalist for your kitchen decor inspiration.
A beautiful rustic style kitchen with non-processed wooden pillars combined with wood accents on the kitchen cabinet and floor.
A minimalist rustic kitchen with a large wooden table with artistic old iron legs. Wooden chairs accented with fine feathers add to the comfort of this kitchen.
A wooden bar table like the warehouse next to a typical round chair complements this rustic style kitchen. Complete with hanging lamps to look attractive for your kitchen decor ideas.

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4. 70s Monaco apartment rustic minimalist kitchen

Relive the glamorous era of rustic minimalist kitchen decor ideas from the 70s Monaco with this design. Here, the sleek elegant chair and table set is accompanied with similarly luxurious cupboard and kitchen set, along with the minimalist cook-top and hood.

Chairs and tables of various soft and sleek colors combined with glamorous ornate furnishings in his era complement this minimalist rustic kitchen style.
The glamorous typical Monaco rug is enough to represent this minimalist rustic kitchen style. All elements in white add to the impression of rural Monaco in the 70s.
This white theme and old-fashioned furniture in this kitchen is the perfect blend for your rustic style kitchen.
Cone-shaped chandelier on a round table and sleek chairs one of the attractive sedans in this rustic kitchen.

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Again the tall sleek chairs and wooden floors produce a natural rustic feel.

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5. Whitewashed Florence estate rustic minimalist kitchen

A whitewashed rustic design creates a new sense of modern serenity in the kitchen. To apply the effect, use the 19th century-inspired kitchen Tuscan tables and cupboard all over the kitchen. In the other hand, you can decorate your tiles with some exciting Florence-inspired rustic minimalist.

Countryside kitchen with white walls combined with natural stone floors and wooden ceilings. Curved texture in the main entrance room adds to the beauty of this kitchen.
An attractive Whitewashed Florence estate rustic minimalist kitchen with white artistic table set combined with black patterned tiles for your kitchen decor inspiration.
An amazing kitchen with white wooden ceilings and natural stone accent on the wall to look amazing for your kitchen decor ideas.
A wonderful rustic minimalist kitchen with large elephant paintings on walls and neatly arranged book storage shelves for your kitchen decor inspiration.
Whitewashed Florence estate rustic minimalist kitchen with wooden pallet to put antique glass ware and other unique items for your kitchen decor ideas.

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Remember, the key here is to mix and match between minimalist kitchen designs and rustic designs. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, you’re ready to create one of the best rustic minimalist kitchen decor ideas of your life. 

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