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5 Earthy Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Do you know that your bathroom can also be designed with a rustic vibe, just like any other rooms? If not, then you’d best start implementing rustic bathroom décor ideas to it and capture the earthy charm of rustic design. To help you out, look at these 5 brilliant ideas and inspire your creativity with these.

1. Classic barn wooden shelf

If you’re looking for rustic bathroom décor that gives a powerful first impression, then this is the one you need. Using recycled and weathered wooden blocks and boards, this earthy furniture is best located near the sink and close to the shower. To make it even better, you can customise the number of racks following your needs and desire. 

You must apply this idea in your rural style bathroom. Unprocessed classic warehouse wood shelves perfect your rustic bathroom.

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Modern rustic bathroom with classic multi level wood shed shelves to place washbasins and dry towels.

Classic barn wood shelves can also be placed on clothes hangers to hang your wet towels and dirty clothes.

This wooden warehouse rack is very flexible to be installed in every corner of your bathroom. If you don’t have space anymore, you can install it right above the toilet.

You can also install it in the corner of the bathroom beside the window, so that sunlight can enter if you put the plant on the shelf.

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2. Stone lodge bathroom

Here’s also one of the most impactful rustic bathroom décor ideas. The appealing natural stone lodge blends perfectly with all the wooden furniture all over the bathroom. Plus, for a more minimalist and modern approach, you can cover the bathroom shower with a camo-edged mirror.

In addition to using painted walls, natural stone walls make a strong rustic impression.

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Stone walls are a perfect mix of solid wood pillars and wooden bathroom floors.

Stunning rustic bathroom with stone walls and wooden bathtub shaped in such a way as to inspire decorating your bathroom.

Attractive bathroom decor with stone walls, brown bath tubs, and a fireplace to keep the bathroom warm in winter.

An impressive modern rustic bathroom with stone walls that provide a glass divider to distinguish the main shower room and the dressing room.

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3. Rolling barn door

It is yet one of the classic rustic bathroom décor ideas that have been retouched with a modern aesthetic. Instead of using a regular door for your bathroom’s rolling door, replace it with a refined barn door. 

The idea of ​​rolling barn door decorations for bathrooms is very simple but brilliant. This door confirms that your bathroom has a rustic theme.

Unprocessed wood has an attractive impression on this door material. You can use your old stuff to make a scroll mechanism on your door.

Don’t be afraid to attach this rolling barn door to your modern bathroom. This will be a unique and interesting blend.

Modern rustic bathroom with rolling barn doors to create a rustic impression for your bathroom decoration.

You can also pair two rolling barn doors at once to get the impression of a wider door.

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4. Whiskey barrel sink

Do you want a more adventurous rustic bathroom décor? If so, then you might want to check out this bold sink design. This sink is made from a re-purposed whiskey barrel, and the top of the sink is equipped with a similarly classic copper basin. Even the sink is designed with rustic material and shape for a more indulging experience.

A unique rustic style bathroom with a sink with wooden whiskey barrels that are given a classic copper bowl as a sink to inspire your bathroom decor.

A copper bowl is indeed suitable to be placed on an old whiskey barrel. Put the dried plant next to it, and your bathroom will look more charming.

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In addition to copper bowls, you can also replace them with ceramic bowls. Swivel taps add artistic decoration to your sink.

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The motifs on the whiskey barrel sink are aligned with the mirror frame to create a harmonious impression in your bathroom.

You can also place a ceramic bowl with an abstract motif on the whiskey barrel as a sink.

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5. Simple reclaimed towel hook

Although subtle in its presence, this simple reclaimed towel hook is a tiny-but-effective rustic bathroom décor that you need. The base is made from recycled wooden planks, topped with a countryside iron door handle for hanging the towel. Because of its simplicity, you can always create more than one for more aesthetic value and practical function.

Besides its practicality, this simple reclaimed towel hook is an additional decoration that explains the rustic style.

A simple wooden towel hanger from used furniture that is installed in the bathroom as a decoration to beautify your bathroom.

Adding plants decoration for a simple towel hanger are a brilliant idea. You can use a used bottle as a vase.

Wooden pallets are also can be used to make a simple towel hanger and the surface to put your toiletries.

Used pipes that are not used can be turned into an artistic towel rack. Also post natural paintings to add more rural elements.

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Have you imagined what kind of rustic bathroom décor ideas will be applied to your bathroom?

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