These 5 Garden Block Wall Design Ideas are Cheap and Exciting

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Sometimes regarded as a retaining wall, a block wall is mostly used to create a structure for a higher-ground garden. A block wall needs a good structure with a solid base, footing drain, and weep hole to sustain the ground against water and avalanche. But for all the requirements, there are exciting block wall design ideas that add characteristics to the wall. Here are 5 of those examples.

1. Overlapping block wall design

In several block wall design ideas, you can create an illusion that adds more personality and uniqueness to the garden. This one, for example, consists of brick stones overlapping each other to create pockets of shadows and make it stand out.

Besides to border your garden, the idea of ​​a park block wall can also beautify your garden.

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Beautiful garden with overlapping stone garden block walls to inspire your garden decor. It can create a stunning garden.
If the bricks are too ordinary, you can choose stones to make overlapping this block wall garden.
You can make this garden block wall with a little curve, it will make the garden look more attractive.
You can also design a block wall with a multilevel design for the sloping land texture. It can make your garden looks high and stand out.

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2. Concrete block wall design

Plain, rectangular, and massive concrete blocks are used to create an amazing retaining wall design. The good thing about this block wall design is that it works great in a garden of any size.

If you want a stronger park retaining wall, this concrete block wall idea is the answer.
The concrete block walls of this park will hold the soil in place without worrying about the fate of your garden.
Design of a concrete wall garden that is made of terraced is very interesting. This is suitable for parks with irregular shapes.

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Creative garden ideas using concrete that are arranged around a bench where to relax. It can create an aesthetic look.
A simple but durable retaining wall for your garden with concrete wall. It is suitable for any size of the garden. If you want more an interesting garden looks you can add cinder block arrangement in front of the concrete block wall for succulent planter.

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3. Interlocking block wall design

Compared to the other block wall design ideas, this one utilises cylindrical blocks that are placed interlocking to each other. Not only do they create a mesmerising view even from afar, but they also add more depth and characteristic to the garden.

Not much different is the case with overlapping designs on retaining walls of the park, it’s just this interlocking block wall design reinforcement between the brick elements made specifically to interlock with each other.

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You can choose bricks or stones with random shapes to make the texture on the retaining wall of your garden more attractive.
Although the retaining wall of the park is rather high, but it is very strong without worrying that your garden will erode.
Beautiful garden with a variety of flower plants that are equipped with interlocking garden block walls to inspire your garden decor.
In addition to beautify your garden, the use of interlocking block walls is to protect the soil against water erosion.

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4. Plywood fence wall

Plywood retaining wall design is a classic block wall that you can’t deny its simplicity and charm. Plus, it’s cheap to make and easy to find, making it the best option if you’re new to this massive DIY project. And best of all, the plywood colour can be modified to suit the theme of your garden, adding even more flexibility to the whole design.

Highlight rustic country charm to your backyard with this pallet fence. Let the natural wood tones frame the profusion of colours in your garden.
Creative use of paint can also transform the fence from its harsh presence to be something fun or charming.
Give your fence a breathing space with this creative fencing style. The installation lets the air freely pass through. It can be the retaining wall that has a classic look.
Low fence is perfect when you want to show off the front yard. This modern wood textured fence may be suitable for your garden fence.
Instantly upgrade old and boring iron fences by simply adding stained wood boards. Optimize coverage with strategic placement of the boards.

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5. Stone art block wall

Do you know that you can create a story by building a retaining wall? If not, then let this stone art tells you the tale of sun, trees, and woods—all foretold in the shape of stone art. That’s right; this exciting DIY block wall project can be made using various stones to make a form of art. Let your creativity runs wild and decides what stories to tell and assemble the pattern according to the concept!

A charming garden with a retaining wall made of stone arranged so that the grooves are parallel.

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You can use random stone sizes to create a garden retaining wall in your home garden.

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Arrange neatly the stone is a good idea to create a strong retaining wall to your garden. It can create a natural and artistic impression.
Arrange some stones and create in multi level shape. This retaining wall garden is so beautiful to beautify your outdoor look.
Without using any adhesive, simply arrange the stones according to your wishes and you have been creating an amazing retaining wall for your garden.

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All in all, amazing block wall design ideas are available for you to make or improve. Just remember, never limit your creativity and always keep the basic functions of a block wall in mind.

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