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These 25 Kitchen Set Designs Beautify Your Restaurant Interior

If you own a restaurant, you probably agree that one of the most significant investments you should think of is the kitchen. Since your restaurant kitchen needs to accommodate a high volume of customers every day, you thus stick to commercial kitchen equipment without concerning about designs whatsoever. However, we believe that a great kitchen set designs can make an essential impact on the overall restaurant interior and boost your staff energy during the busy schedule. Like general interior design psychology, a charming décor can contribute to a more positive mood and feeling of the people in the room.

If you agree, you can read more for our list of kitchen designs that can beautify the interior excellently.

1. Minimalist

Minimalist doesn’t always mean less stuff. The principle of a minimalist kitchen set is that it should be easy to clean and maintain. If your restaurant kitchen is small, minimalism helps to relieve the clutter while decking up the kitchen in style. With an efficient design, everyday work is a pleasurable experience, and your staff can manage their work effectively amidst the nonstop incoming guests.

Working tables in the commercial restaurant kitchens should have stainless steel surface and equipped with cabinets for cooking tools storage.

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An attractive restaurant kitchen with a minimalist kitchen set with a stove, a grill, and a cabinet for storing cooking utensils.

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Here’s a Chinese restaurant kitchen that has a minimalist design with a blend of modern and traditional.

This is a traditional restaurant kitchen with stone oven. The restaurant has been built with a mix of high end materials.

This is a seafood Asian restaurant which is very luxurious, functional and well design.

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2. All-white

It’s no secret that all-white décor makes a room immediately feel clean and simple. All-white kitchen set allows the space to overflow into the rest of the public area, which also proves that white is a unifying style.

This sleek Yale-town spot is definitely worth a try, so make some time to head in and soak up the atmosphere and eats if you can.

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The design of the restaurant’s kitchen with a white theme changes the mood of the cook become more refreshed and uplifting.

Restaurant kitchen design with a white theme will also create a clean and hygienic atmosphere in the restaurant itself.

All kinds of stains will be easily visible and as soon as possible can clean it.

Therefore you can try to apply the white theme in your restaurant’s kitchen to create positive things as expected.

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3. Colorful

If you prefer a hue-infused space to brighten the kitchen or restaurant interior, it’s not wrong to start thinking of putting vibrant tiles in every shade of the rainbow. A colorful kitchen set is bold yet conquers personal twist blooming with creativity and hardworking spirit.

The new modern restaurant in the historic center of Beirut has been transformed into a playful place. They idealize every detail of the Kaléo from tiles to bar chairs, dining chairs, sofas, rugs, and chandeliers.

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From minimalist salad bars to modern taquerias and laid-back beach-side cantinas, the Lucy style is making cameos in a wildly diverse range of interiors.

Having colorful kitchen in your restaurant can give the different look become more cheerful and bright.

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Bright pops of color can easily transform your kitchen. For instance, this kitchen restaurant vibrant green cabinets work well beside the brick-red trim and island.

The bright wall paired with Italian marble tops and black custom cabinetry makes this kitchen feel cozy.

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4. Paris

This design can be attempted if your restaurant serves French-themed foods, or if you want to let your staff think they’re cooking in France. The unique look of the Paris kitchen set design or Paris restaurant interior is enviable and never go out of style.

A charming restaurant with a French style and a typical French kitchen that provides French food specialties.

Franciscan restaurant with circus-themed glass ceiling and a wall of tiles with a frieze of clowns, has been beautifully restored.

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Paris-style restaurant with a simple kitchen offers an unforgettable French experience.

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A beautiful restaurant with a rural kitchen of Paris offers an exceptional dining experience.

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The rural style of Paris always attracts attention, especially those of you who want to eat with a partner should try this restaurant.

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5. Monochrome

Monochrome, a fancy term for Black and White, screams minimalist and contemporary feel in the most elegant way. You can incorporate walnut floors, furniture, or light fittings to bring warmth and desirable texture to the monochromatic kitchen set design.

A modern restaurant kitchen with stainless materials that creates a monochromatic atmosphere in your restaurant’s kitchen.

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The monochromatic style in the restaurant kitchen creates a clean and hygienic impression.

Apart from being clean, the monochromatic style of the restaurant’s kitchen also creates a modern impression.

This monochromatic style restaurant kitchen has always been a favorite because it is easy to clean.

Therefore, this monochromatic style is one of style that you should consider.

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Investing for a more delightful décor for your restaurant interior may seem unnecessary at first. But once you do, you’ll see how impactful your new look of the kitchen set the environment to the mood and feeling of your staff throughout the day!

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