Here are 24 Reasons Why European Rustic Decor is Super Popular

European rustic decor is one of the most popular home interior decors in the world. Here are the reasons why this theme is super popular, even outside Europe.

The European rustic decor is arguably the most popular classic decor of all time. This style was originated from the Roman Empire and Greece. The timeless grandeur of European designs became the root of various types of other interior designs in this world.

If you ever wonder why European rustic decor is super popular, here are some reasons that may be the cause of the phenomenon.

1. It Looks Magnificent without Appearing Excessive

European decor is known to have that “grandeur” looking interior design without being excessively luxurious or eyes-popping. If you are into something classy and elegant without having to spend a lot of money this style is a viable option to choose.

A beautiful European rural bedroom with brick walls and curved door shapes, inspire your bedroom decor.
An elegant decoration with European rustic decor with wooden table and stone walls. It can turn the look of your house become more interesting
Combining wooden and stone touch in the European rustic decor is a good way to get “grandeur” looking interior design. Your home decoration will be more interesting to live.
European rural kitchen with charming natural stone walls and light settings can add to the comfort of this kitchen.
A beautiful rustic kitchen with artistic white walls combined with wood accents on the cabinet. This combination can make your kitchen looks elegant.
A living room decorating ideas in European rural style with fabric decoration on the walls and white wooden sofas and some pillows can give a warm feel.
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An attractive rustic style bathroom with bathtub and elegant curtains. This is a simple and minimalist design but can make your bathroom looks elegant.
Rustic feel is present in the entryway with stone touch for the interior design. A few seashells on the walls add to this rustic style room.
A minimalist kitchen with room decoration on the ceiling gives an artistic rustic feel.
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2. It Looks Stunning with Minimalist Colour

While the modern architecture style tends to highlight various bold colours, the European rustic decor stays with its classic soft colours for centuries. White, grey, cream and light brown generally are the common colours you will find in this decor. Those are soft, versatile colours that match a lot of interior decorations well.

A rustic nuance in your home can be obtained by applying white color. This color is very easy to mix and match with other decoration.
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A rustic minimalist patio with natural wood floors and artistic wooden tables combined with a fireplace to get a natural decoration.
A minimalist living room in rustic style that using a white color is very nice decor to get a neat and clean impression.
A rustic minimalist bedroom with broken brick walls and white scheme color to get an attractive decoration.
A rustic minimalist patio with a neatly arranged wooden roof-shaped and white paint are suitable to get a simple but nice decoration.
Applying cream theme for the rustic living room decoration is a minimalist way to create a stunning decoration in your home.
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Using white color for your rustic living room decor can make your room decor looks stunning with minimalist color.
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3. Timeless and Practical

European classic design has been existing for centuries. The design is timeless and has no boundaries. You can implement this style in a mansion, small house, or even an apartment. You can even combine it with a lot of other themes, such as bohemian, Mediterranean, classic Spanish, or modern temporary style.

Moreover, European rustic decor is also very practical. It can be applied in a small or big space. You can also try creating this design in a designated space on your houses, such as the living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

It can also be applied to the outer part of your house. You can create a rustic European style garden or terrace. Don’t forget to try experimenting with a lot of decorative items to spice up this decor!

An extraordinary kitchen with artistic natural stone walls and a wooden table touch looks amazing for your kitchen decorating ideas.
A minimalist rustic kitchen with a unique chair and distressed kitchen island can make your kitchen looks attractive.
A minimalist kitchen wooden touch on the kitchen furniture and combined with natural stone walls to create a classic look.
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A rustic interior design with gray walls combined with natural wood floors to create a warm and comfortable feel. Especially added with comfortable sofa and throw pillows.
An attractive rustic bathroom with concrete vanity and combined with wooden touch are very nice decor. Even though this is a simple rustic decoration but it can create an artistic look.
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In a rustic-style living room you can place distressed furniture and combined with modern touch decor. This combination can make your room feels classic and modern at the same time.
To get a rustic look in your home decoration you can bring a touch of wood and natural stone. These two materials are identical with rustic style. Complete with fireplace and you will get a warm impression in your home.
A beautiful classical Spanish style rustic living room with wooden pillars on the ceiling and modern furniture. These two elements can blends well so your room will look classic and modern at the same time.
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