24 How to Smartly Decorate Your Small First Apartment

Smart décor tactic helps you to fill a new apartment and make it cozy. Here are some tricks to decorate a small apartment for the first time.

When you rent or buy your first apartment, there is a chance that it is small. A smart décor trick is important to make the apartment feels cozy. You can create a shopping list to set up the apartment from the basic. Start by planning the first items for each room, so you can at least have a complete basic apartment first.

Here is how you can start decorating a new apartment in smart ways.

1. Two Lighting Fixtures in Each Room

For the first shopping list, make sure each room has two lighting fixtures. One is the main equipment (overhead lights), and the other is smaller with a focus light. You can vary lighting fixtures to create a unique look. For example, you can buy a bedside lamp for the bedroom and a small cabinet lamp for the kitchen or a lamp in the living room.

The simple idea of a small apartment with a black chandelier above the dining table and above the bed to give an elegant accent in your home.

The comfortable decoration in the small apartment with lighting in the living room using table lamps and hanging chandelier can give the attractive look in your home.

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Small apartment with accent hanging lamps and additional focus floor lamp looks simple but very elegant in this living room.

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Small apartment design with a combination of lighting using a ball-shaped chandelier and floor lamp give a charming look.

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Lighting in small apartments with a combination of lamps on the ceiling and a floor lamp are very match with minimalist apartment decor.

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A combination of lighting in a small apartment with a table lamp and hanging lamp above the bed can give interesting look to your apartment.

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2. Placement of your Apartment Room

Make sure each room has a place for basic practical activities. This means buying a sofa and coffee table for the living room, a dining table with (at least) two chairs, a bed, and a work table with chairs (which you can place in your study or a special bedroom).

Small apartment decoration with a charming layout and right placement of furniture can give a minimalist impression.

This elegant small apartment with an open plan utilizes space that is not too large and makes it more practical and minimalist.

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A simple furniture combined with an open space layout that are given to add to the impression of your apartment decor.

A minimalist apartment space with right placement furniture and open plan design can make your apartment looks bigger.

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The smart idea of a small apartment with an open design combined with simple furniture and right placement. It can make your apartment not too look cramped.

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3. Storage Spaces and Fixtures

Each room in the apartment must have storage spaces and fixtures. The living room should have at least a shelf for books and trinkets (along with the TV stand cabinet if you have it). The bedroom must have a nightstand and a closet. Add a cabinet and a rack to the kitchen. Your bathroom must have at least a wall cabinet and bathroom supply rack.

Other storage fixtures include something that saves spaces, such as wall hooks and floating shelves. They can store small objects while taking up minimum spaces.

To make your small apartment looks neat, you must have extra storage to store your goods. For example you have to build some shelves to store your books.

The first thing that you must to consider before decorate your small apartment, you have to think about the storage idea. You must have some cabinet or shelves to save your things. It can make you apartment looks neat and clean.

A hanging shelf above the TV cabinet is one of the solution to decorate your small apartment so that can look neat. If you have need extra storage idea you can add some cabinet to store your goods.

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Beside is functioned as the room divider, this wooden rack is also can be used for a storage place idea. You can store your books on there and also place your plants decoration. It can make your apartment decor looks interesting.

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To give extra storage in your apartment, you can install some wooden shelves. To save the space, the shelves can be merged with TV stand and ornamental fireplace. It can create a neat and minimalist look in your apartment.

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For simple entryway decor in your small apartment, you can place a shoe cabinet to organize your shoes. It can make your apartment entryway looks neat and nice.

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4. Upholstery and Fabric

Upholstery and fabric help “soften” the apartment. You can choose products with natural colors to duplicate as decoration. Carpets, pillows and sofa cushions will make your apartment more comfortable.

Smart decor helps you fill the first apartment and turn it into a place that is suitable for living. Use this strategy while raising money to add other things to your first home.

Applying carpet to cover your wooden floor can make your apartment feels more comfortable. Complete with soft sofa to make you feel at home.

Choosing a comfortable sofa and large carpet can make your apartment decor feels comfortable and homey.

To create a convenience in your small apartment, place a comfortable sofa and carpet to cover your floor. This first apartment decor can make give the huge impact for your life.

You can place a pattern rug that match with the sofa color to make your apartment decor feels comfortable..

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To cover your wooden floor in your apartment, you can apply large carpet. Complete with comfortable sofa to make your apartment suitable for living.

A small apartment with beautiful carpet and completed with green couches can create a comfortable impression in your apartment.

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A interesting apartment ideas with soft white sofas and large carpet can make your apartment feels comfort and suitable for living.

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