5 Best Old World-Inspired European Rustic Decor Designs

The truth is, rustic design is dated since the old-world way before the coming of 19th century and promoted by European countries. Because of that, among rustic interior design enthusiasts, many have shown interest in the older, more genuine old-world rustic décor. Therefore, if you love an even more unique and significant rustic décor, look at these 5 old-world European rustic décor designs!

1. Romantic Western French farmhouse rustic décor bedroom

Nothing feels more romantic than waking up in an elegant white-accented bedroom. This soothing farmhouse-inspired, old-world rustic interior design is decorated with a pair of classic beds to give a timeless vibe to it. Not to mention, small ornaments like a woven basket, whitewashed rustic planter, and side desk add more charm to it.

A bed and some antique furniture in a rustic bedroom in western France will enhance the perfect artistic style. Mix and match with a bright wall.
If you want to design a rustic western French style bedroom, use furniture made of wood and looks rustic. For example wooden bed and floor.
The combination of white walls and bricks will make your bedroom look rustic. Add a bed and nightstand made of natural wood.
To confirm that your bedroom has a rustic west french decor style, add a wicker basket and a wooden bed. Small nightstand will make your decoration look more perfect.

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2. Reclaimed limestone Houston rustic décor kitchen

Among the old-world European rustic décor designs, this rustic kitchen is arguably the ultimate stuff of dream. Like living in a fully functional Houston kitchen museum, you’ll spend your days in an iconic limestone décor all over the kitchen. To complement the ambience, the room is furnished with old-school rustic furniture like the table and kitchen set, cupboard, and photographs.

All furniture made of wood will make the Houston rustic style look old-fashioned and classic.
A Houston rural style kitchen that blends in with the dining room saves you a small space. It also can make your room look neat and orderly.
Monochromatic kitchen in Houston style can be a trendy decoration in 2019. Add some classic furniture such as wooden cabinet and kitchen set.
Use the cabinet and some other furniture made of natural wood. Adding the high chair webbing comfortable.
Bright brick walls for Houston rural style decorating kitchens provide a comfortable and natural atmosphere. Hanging lamps to make good lighting.

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3. Classic European stone rustic décor dining room with fireplace

Designed like the rustic limestone kitchen, this rustic interior design focuses the stone materials on the firewood instead. Other old-world furniture like the rustic cupboard and circular wooden table set accompany the distinctive firewood in this timeless dining room. 

Bright classic European style rustic decor dining room which is equipped with brick fireplace makes you feel warm when dining with family.
White walls combined with stone fireplaces will provide a distinctive decoration for a classic European style that is comfortable and timeless.

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Stone walls and stone fireplaces in classical European dining room decor make the atmosphere more natural to get rustic style.

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Round wooden tables and some old-fashioned furniture make the decoration of a classic European dining room look more complete and perfect. Add rugs for comfortable footwear.

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4. Old apothecary rustic décor dining room

So, the old, white rustic accent in all the first three old-world European rustic décor designs doesn’t suit your taste? If so, you might appreciate this classic, old apothecary-inspired rustic interior design for the dining room with the more familiar rustic brown accent. Apart from that, this earthy room is fitted with old apothecary jars and dining utensils for more indulgence to the ambience. 

Antique and old furniture with brown accents can enhance the dining room decoration of an old pharmacy look more attractive and familiar. You have to try it.
Round pallet table combined with iron chairs for dining room furniture decoration of old pharmacies can give the impression of classic and old-fashioned.

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The old pharmacy dining room decoration which is equipped with photographs and wooden furniture will give you a beautiful and comfortable eye view.

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Wall decoration is no less important to make the decoration of an old pharmacy’s dining room look more interesting. Use wooden tables and chairs to complete your dining room.

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5. Bright and cheerful wooden rustic décor living room

A lot of old-world European rustic décor designs take advantage of a singular colour accent. If that bores you, then this is the best rustic interior design you can have for your living room. The combination of the white accent on the wall with multiple-coloured old-world furniture like the table, chairs, and bench is considered a perfect harmony. 

To get a rustic living room decoration you can use white accents and furniture. For example wooden hanging rack, rattan tray and wall decoration.
Make your living room look bright with white accents. Wooden table, antique carpet and standing cabinet can complement your living room perfectly.

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Wooden walls that match with patterned sofas and big tables will make your rustic living room look chic. Some windows can help light up your room.

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The combination of brick walls and white paint gives the living room design a more comfortable and attractive look for 2019. You can try it.
Complete your rustic living room with a stone fireplace to get maximum warmth when with family. Use white accents to make it look brighter and cleaner.

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Consider applying old-world European rustic décor designs to your house a grand investment. Not only will they increase the value of your property, but they will also keep you excited timelessly. Therefore, pick your rustic interior design wisely, and have yourself a good time in the house.

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