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Charm Your Bedroom with These 17 Rustic Turquoise Wall Decor Designs

Many people seem to play things safe by choosing black or white colour for it because selecting the colour for a bedroom isn’t easy. However, turquoise is one exciting colour you might find it easy to apply. Not only does it look unique, but it also offers calming and unique vibes, plus you can mix it with other colours. And even better, you can apply these 5 rustic turquoise wall décor designs to enhance the experience as well!

1. Elegant grey and turquoise mixture bedroom décor design

Mixing grey and turquoise in a bedroom can create a stunning, elegant accent that doesn’t overpower each other. To add more luxury to the bedroom, you can use rustic pitch-black furniture like the bed and side desk.

A bedroom design with a gray color selection on the wall combined with turquoise colors that apply on the pillows and blankets can provide the perfect decoration.

Rustic bedroom decor with gray wall colors combined with iron bed accents in turquoise color to create an elegant and interesting decoration.

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A bedroom with a blend of gray and turquoise colors provide a warm feel in the bedroom. Added with a bed feature with a patterned pillow and black spray to complete the decoration.

Bedroom ideas with gray walls combined with turquoise accents that are on wall art and patterned pillows. which gives an elegant feel.

Rustic style bedroom design with gray and turquoise color combination creates a feel that is not boring in rustic style bedrooms.

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2. Vintage rustic turquoise bedroom décor design

While the previous rustic turquoise bedroom has a balanced modern approach, this one leans toward the vintage side more. It means you’ll find the grey colour dominating the turquoise accent in parts like the wall, ceiling, floor, and side desk. Despite that, the turquoise touch added to the pillows and wall arts is more focused.

To get a vintage rustic bedroom you can apply grey color that dominated your room decor. Apply for the walls, floors, bed and nightstands. Combined with turquoise color for the bench and bed cover to perfect your bathroom decor.

Applying grey color for your bedroom to get a vintage rustic bedroom decor. Give a little touch of turquoise color can give a contrast look in your bedroom. You can apply turquoise color on the bed cover and some decoration that has turquoise color. It can strengthen to the vintage rustic bedroom decor.

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3. Seaside rustic turquoise bedroom décor 

Unlike other rustic turquoise wall décor designs here that have a more indoor-ish impression, this one looks and feels more outdoor-ish. Don’t get the wrong idea; the turquoise wooden wall décor fits well with the white bed and wall trim to create an amazing comfort. However, it does remind you of a seaside adventure you want to experience, isn’t it?

To give a different vibe in your turquoise rustic bedroom you can apply on your walls. It can give a feels outdoor in your room decor. Combined with wooden nightstands to create a natural nuance.

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You can apply turquoise color for your bedroom walls to create an outdoor feels in your bedroom. This decoration is suitable for those of you who like a seaside vibe in your room decoration. Completed with greenery to make your bedroom feels fresher.

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Bring a seaside or beach vibe in your rustic bedroom by applying turquoise color for your bedroom walls. It can change the vibe of your bedroom feels more fresh and bright. Combined with white furniture to make more comfortable.

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If your want a different design in your turquoise rustic bedroom decor, you can change the decoration looked like in beach or seaside vibe. Apply the turquoise color for the wall paint and you can combined with wooden furniture. This decoration can bring to the feel of the beach.

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4. Elegant brown and turquoise mixture bedroom décor design

This rustic turquoise bedroom appeals more to the traditional brown and white accents with an additional turquoise colour. Each colour doesn’t overpower one another, with the brown focused more to the elegant headboard and brown-and-white stripes wall décor. Meanwhile, the turquoise and white colours decorate the furniture and bed design respectively.

Create an elegant bedroom decor by using wooden material for the main decoration. You can combined brick walls to strengthen the rustic style. To give a contrast look you can add turquoise color on the pillows and other decoration.

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Giving an elegant vibe to the rustic bedroom is a good idea. You can combine brown and turquoise colors for this idea. For the brown you can apply on the walls and some furniture. And for the turquoise you can apply for the bedding idea. These two colors are not dominant but they complement each other to create an elegant design.

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Combining brown and turquoise color for your rustic bedroom are a good idea to make your room looks elegant. You can divide these color proportion equally by applying on the several aspect. For the brown you can apply on the bed and floor. And then for the turquoise you can apply on the bedding, chair and bench. To balance the color combination you can combine with white color and it can give a contrast look in your bedroom.

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5. Minimalist rustic brown turquoise bedroom décor 

This is one of the modern rustic turquoise wall decorating ideas that might be more appealing to younger people. Turquoise colors are applied evenly and decorated with young decorations such as inspirational quotes.

Because applying rustic turquoise wall décor ideas is also like investing in the house as a whole, you should pick your choice carefully. Make sure to select the rustic turquoise bedroom that matches your personality and preference. Once you do, you’re in for an unforgettable experience that will last for a lifetime.

Bedroom design with the turquoise green wall color and combined with a wooden bed to create the feel of a classic-modern bathroom.

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A modern rustic style bedroom design with a blend of turquoise and brown colors on the walls and combined with patterned rugs and vinyl wood floors that provide a comfortable feel.

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Applying turquoise color for the rustic bedroom decor is a good idea. You can apply for all the walls and combined with wood touch. This decor is suitable for the young people who want a fresh and bright vibe.

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