15 Unique Bathroom Ideas and Design for Winter

Stone dark surfaces can prevent you from slipping. But, they won’t help you survive the cold winter. You can choose not to shower in the winter, but you cannot do it forever. You produce an odor that can only be gotten rid of by showering. If you have a problem with water when the snow falls, take inspiration from the following bathroom designs.

1. Thick Rugs on the Floor

If hard ceramic or porcelain is the type of your bathroom flooring, it tends to be so cold in the season. Cover it so you don’t have to freeze your feet. This is an economical way if you can’t afford installing radiant floor heating. 

You should choose a thick carpet that is easy to wash. Thus, you can wash and store it when the season passes. Choose any colors and patterns that match the entire room’s color story. Thus you will shower in style.

A thick white rugs with black pattern that matches the color of the bathroom wall. With the right bathroom carpet idea, you can tie all of your bathroom decorations together.
There is something about antiques that makes the bathroom look really different. This brightly colored vintage rug creates an interesting contrast with a neutral bathroom color.
Two thick carpets with traditional motifs adorn this rustic bathroom floor. Both are bright and rich in hue and with enough color to warm white walls and concrete floors in winter.
The rug that echoes the wallpaper design can also increase the decorative appeal of the bathroom. The size that is not too large makes it easy to wash or clean.

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A warm modern bathroom with a thick rug with colorful motifs. The color of this motif is adjusted to the wall decoration in the form of paintings and bathroom wall colors.

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2. Warm Lighting and Colors

A color story can figuratively set the mood and temperature by tricking the mind. When you see some warm tones in the bathroom, you will think that it is warm. So use warm colors and lighting if your shower room is cold as there is no heater installed. 

Opt for yellow, red, warm brown, and orange colors for flooring, furniture, or decorations as well. Then install some warm lighting above the cabinets and whenever you want them. 

Bright yellow adds a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere to the bathroom even in winter. Plus a comfortable and warm red carpet welcome your morning with joy.

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Shiny red wall tiles with accents are a cheerful and bright way to add a warm impression to the white bathroom. Proper lighting is also one of the supporting factors.

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Add instant elegance to your bathroom with sparkling copper. This distinctive brown color is supported by lighting candles to give the impression of warmth when bathing in winter.

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Taupe colors is the perfect choice for those who want to go neutral, but still provide space for warmth. This beautiful grayish brown color is classic, but with a modern twist.
If you want to make a bathroom with a very calm and homely look, brown is the right choice. In order to seem warmer, choose lighting with a yellowish color.

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3. Warm Towels and Bathroom

When entering the bathroom for the first time, the atmosphere should feel nice. You can do it by investing your small amount of money on a portable electric heater. That way, you can cozy up while doing all the things you want.

Do you find that those bath towels sometimes get cold due to the weather? Thus, you need to pre-heat them beforehand. Want to know how? Store those towels in a hot radiator or towel warmer. You can also throw them in the drier for at least 20 minutes, then hang them. That helps you get warm and nice towels after taking a warm shower. That’s how your bathroom should look in the winter.

Vintage bathroom with free standing green bathtub and towel warmer. The towel warmers also functions as an additional heater in your bathroom, and provides gentle warmth around which reduces the humidity that triggers mold.
Modern winter bathroom design ideas with an elegant white theme. A wall mounted towel warmer is a substitute for a standard towel rack as well as to warm your bathroom in winter.

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Stainless towel warmer to complete the modern bathroom with more space to store more towels. It serves you by drying off your damp towels and keeping the environment clean and mildew-free.
Many models of towel warmers that you can apply in your bathroom. You can try combining several arches that match the size of a standard towel.
If your bathroom is too small, you can opt for a towel warmer instead of a radiator for save space and energy.

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