15 Winter Planters for House Decoration

This article will inspire and guide you to make a colourful flowery planter for your house decoration during the winter season. Find out more!

The winter season is beautiful, even if it comes with many inconveniences. One of these inconveniences is its deadly coldness for the living plants. Not many plants can survive during this period, and that means no gardening. Gardeners, don’t lose hope! There is a way to see a glimpse of greenery beside the snow-white. Check these winter planter ideas for your house decoration.

1. Natural Combination

In the middle of winter, it’s easy to grow tired of white. A glimpse of green can make us grateful. Create your own peaceful greenery with a Zen planter. Prepare a large container, fill it with potting soil, and plant a small conifer right in the middle of the large container. To make it looks like Zen, decorate a part of the empty space with rocks. Additional ornaments may need to be added.

We know that not all leaves or flowers might grow. So the best way of making a winter planter is to combine natural elements. Don’t let the living plants alone. Decorate it with branches, twigs, pine cones, or berries. Put the branches deep enough in the soil. Regulated watering can help the branches from being wilted. 

Other than one large planter, you can opt for a combination of smaller terracotta planters. Here your arrangement skill is going to be tested. Use your creativity to create one. When you arrange the planter, take a step back once in a while to see the overall design. Take your time and make the best arrangement.

Winter planter layout ideas with typical winter green plant accents and classic color planters give an elegant feel. It will be perfect for your home decoration this winter.

Installation of winter planter with green plants and a natural color planter combination that creates a beautiful impression on the terrace of the house.

A so as not too bored in winter you can place a winter planter in front of the porch of the house. With a black planter and green plant accents can create a fresh feel to the home.

To create a natural impression in your winter decoration, you can use the planter from wooden material. Combined with plants in red and green that are suitable for beautifying your front yard.

With a planter in the form of a natural color jar combined with green winter plant and berries can create the porch decor looks charm.

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2. Wintery Colour

Create a wintery-accent that matched with the colour of the snow. Have some planter spray-coloured in winter blue. To add more effect, find some stones and have them paint in the same colour, then spread it around the planter.

The idea of a planter with an antique blue urn combined with green plants can create an elegant feel of the terrace in the winter.

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Placing blue planters for your winter porch decoration are a good idea to make your porch looks wintery. Fill with the green plants and touch of red berry can make your porch looks interesting.

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Choosing blue jar for your winter planter idea is a good choice to make your porch look wintery. Blue is one kind of winter color that can make your porch looks beautiful.

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Natural white planter colors and green planter plants with berry accents in the corner of the porch creates a non-boring atmosphere.

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Beautiful white planter on the front porch of the house with a blend of beautiful winter typical plants make it more suitable in winter.

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3. Succulents

While succulents seem terribly weak against excessive moisture such as wintery weather,  some of them can live even in hardiness zone 2, which is far below minus 10 degrees. Sempervivum spring beauty and Sedums are an example of those kinds. Get hold to these cuties and make a beautiful combination planter.

Making a planter is about creativity and a sharp sight to surround the objects. How an unimportant natural piece can be combined to make something looks beautiful. Perhaps it will be hard to master this arrangement skill, but through effort, anything is possible.

Choosing wood branches for the succulent planter can make your winter porch decoration looks extraordinary.

Planter made from clay in the form of a white urn with a secular plant placed next to the window which gives an elegant impression.

A planter design with natural stone and combined with succulent which gives a charming impression in winter.

A white square box planter ideas combined for the succulents planter can create a beautiful impression in winter.

To get interesting decoration in your house you can use a round white pot for your succulent planter idea. Put on the iron stand and place at the corner to get a good decoration..

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