16 Kitchen Island Ideas for A Small Space

Are you looking for some ideas to decorate the kitchen for winter? Below are some kitchen island ideas to help.

When decorating a limited space, you should considered about the effectiveness and functionality. This will also happen when you decorate the kitchen. You should think of the right furniture and decor. May be kitchen island can be your option for your small kitchen. Here are some kitchen island ideas to copy.

1. Enhanced Functionality

For a small house, functional furniture means the world. You can use one that can accommodate some functions your family needs. But sometimes, the function doesn’t go in line with décor. Thus, you can see that an unusually square kitchen island exists.

The good thing about this furniture is that you don’t need to consider much about the color. White one can go well with almost all designs. But the shape can create a huge difference. It decides whether it can include all the functions you want, like cabinets. Never crosses your mind? Now, you know it.

If you want to save a small space, you can use a multi functional kitchen island with a trash can. Besides being useful for dining tables, this furniture can be used to dispose of trash. This furniture is highly recommended for your decoration 2020.
Furniture design that utilizes the space below for small storage as a rack. This kitchen island can also be used as a dining table for a small room, you can try it.
Use a portable kitchen island that places an iron hook next to it. This Black Iron hook can be used to hang napkins. Apart from that it can be moved easily.
If your kitchen has a room that is not too broad, then small kitchen island is the right furniture that you can use. Add a square table and aluminum hook.

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2. Small Stainless Steel

Small but functional furniture is a favorable one for a small space. The size can fit into space while the color lifts the black and white color theme. Use the furniture to prepare meals. When everything is done, remove all cooking tools and change it into a dining table.

Stainless steel kitchen island is a functional and practical design. This table can be used to serve food and storage underneath. This furniture is also durable and low budget.
Small kitchen island made of stainless steel will be durable furniture. This furniture also takes up space, thus saving your small space.
A practical solution for decorating your small room with a rectangle kitchen island that can be used to serve food when it is cleaned from cooking tools.
Kitchen island that is made of stainless steel with wood material will be an attractive furniture for your decoration. Add wooden storage underneath to make it a beneficial functional furniture for a small room.

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3. Two Tier Kitchen Island

One of the kitchen island ideas that are different and unique is a two-tier one. The design employs the idea of going vertical when lacking space. The furniture consists of two parts. The lower part is for cooking while the higher part is the place to serve or enjoy meals.

A two tier kitchen island can be raised in your room decor. The top surface for the dining table while underneath becomes space for cooking food or making drinks.
The two tier kitchen island structure saves space and provides functional furniture that can be used to serve and enjoy food. Use stainless steel to make it look clean.
One furniture can be multi functional with two tier kitchen island can be a flexibility when in a small kitchen. Usually the top is used to serve food and the lower part is for cooking food.
Minimalist kitchen with monochromatic style will make your decoration look fun and attractive. Two tier kitchen island can be used as furniture that can save space with a maximum.

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4. Eat-In Station

Don’t have room for a dining table? Try an eat-in kitchen island. It looks clean aftermath, fits in the space, and is functional. When all kitchen island is separated from the arrangement, attach it to the cabinet or sink to save more space.

If you have finished preparing meals, clean that top. Use that clean empty space for a place to dine. Use a bright color to make it look spacious that match the color story of the kitchen.From all those kitchen island ideas which one that suits your kitchen?

So that your kitchen island can be used as a dining table, then add a high chair. This method can be the best solution when you want the room to look more spacious.
To get a practical kitchen space and save space, use white kitchen island which can be used as a dining table. White color makes your room look clean and spacious.
White marble can be a kitchen island material that looks luxurious and glamours. To make your kitchen island a functional furniture, use it as a dining table for your family. This is highly recommended for small kitchen.
You can use bright kitchen island as a dining table. Add a small sink to save your space.

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